Aizome Bedding Review| Best Bed Sheets In 2021?

The Mattress Junkie team is constantly searching for the best bed sheets on the market. We recently got a chance to check out Aizome’s bedding lineup. Aizome is a biotech textile company that originated in Japan. The idea behind the Aizome bedding lineup revolves around removing the toxic chemicals that are found in textiles and replacing those with antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials. By infusing the textiles with materials that are beneficial to the sleeper’s skin, Aizome is a top choice for sleeper’s with eczema, allergies, and other skin conditions. If you suffer from a skin condition, you know the importance of the materials that touch your skin. Read on to learn more about the Aizome bedding lineup.

What are the Aizome sheets made of?

Aizome uses organic long stable cotton and is GOTS certified. To become GOTS certified, the Global Organic Textile Standards is a production certification that limits the use of bleach and dyes in the manufacturing process. Aizome uses 100% unbleached organic cotton in all their bedding products. The bedding sets are colored with natural derived dyes that are locked in and fade resistant. Our blue bed sheets that we reviewed are dyed with natural indigo and have a silky-smooth sateen weave finish that looks great wash after wash.

What makes Aizome bedding better than your current sheets?

In addition to removing the harmful chemicals that textiles contain, Aizome infuses their textiles with anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic plant-based material that promotes healthy skin. For those who suffer with sensitive skin, finding sheets that don’t agitate your skin can be challenging. Recognizing that sensitive skin and chemicals do not work well together, Aizome’s bedding was made to ease the dry, itchy skin that often results from irritation from dye in your sheets. Aizome also promotes a healthy sleep surface by eliminating the pathogens that live on the sheet surface like bacteria. By providing a skin friendly, clean, sleep surface, Aizome has been recognized by the National Eczema Association for providing benefits for eczema and sensitive skin.

Does the drawstring fitted sheet stay on the bed?

Aizome’s drawstring fitted sheet was the first that we had ever tried. As a sleeper that despises the sheets coming off the bed and a frequent user of sheet straps, the drawstring feature will keep the sheets securely on the mattress throughout the night. The drawstring is more durable long term than the typical rubber or elastic bands that you commonly find on traditional fitted bed sheets.

How well does Aizome manage temperature for those who tend to sleep hot?

Organic long stable cotton is high quality to the touch and regulates temperature very well naturally for those who tend to sleep hot. When you sleep hot, your bedding could be trapping in your body heat if you don’t choose materials that are naturally breathable. Low end bedding is often an inferno that can be resolved with a simple bedding upgrade.

How long should I expect my Aizome sheets to last?

Aizome offers a forever warranty on their sheet sets. If your sheets ever have an issue that’s not normal wear and tear, Aizome will replace your sheets at no cost. Confident that you will think these are the best bed sheets you have ever tried, Aizome offers a risk free 6-month sleep trial. It’s rare to find sheets with a forever warranty or sleep trial making the Aizome offering one of the best deals you are going to find online or in department stores.

Final Thoughts On Aizome

The Aizome white king bed sheets are the best bed sheets we have tried in 2020. They sleep ultra-cool, are thick and luxurious feeling, never fade, and are great for your skin. My skin is clearer sleeping on the antimicrobial pillowcase and less dry overall. Finding chemical free bedding is a top priority for environmentally friendly households. Not only will those with sensitive skin benefit from Aizome’s bedding but all members of the household benefit from a healthier sleep environment. In addition to bed sheets in sizes twin to California King, Aizome has a line of crib sheets and baby bedding to ensure your new baby doesn’t sleep in a toxic environment. Aizome’s offering is superior to any we have seen on the market in 2020 and highly recommend for those looking to upgrade their bedding and upgrade their sleep environment. Check out the Aizome website for the full organic bedding lineup.