Nectar Mattress| Is Nectar Premier The Best Cooling Mattress?

Nectar Sleep has been one of the most popular mattress in a box companies since it hit the market. With a lifetime mattress warranty and a 365-day sleep trial (yes, you can sleep on it for a whole year to make sure you are sleeping your best sleep), Nectar has sold over 1-million of their gel memory foam mattresses. Voted by many sleep critics as one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market, Nectar just recently released another memory foam mattress available direct to consumers. The new Nectar bed is made up of memory foam and has some noticeable upgrades from the original. The sleep experts at recently got our hands on a queen memory foam mattress and took a deep dive into the mattress details. Read on to learn if Nectar Lush would be a good fit for your personal sleep style.

Nectar Premier vs Nectar Original

Nectar Premier mattresses are now available for those looking for one of the best mattresses on the market. Nectar mattress sales are frequent and right now you can save $399 on any premier mattress purchase. Click here for more details.

What Makes This Gel Memory Foam Mattress Sleep So Cool?

When memory foam mattresses first became popular, a common complaint that had to be addressed was temperature regulation. Dense foam doesn’t breathe as well as the early manufacturers would have liked. Gel memory foam mattresses today are engineered to regulate temperature so knowing the right materials to look for in a mattress will help you determine how cool the bed will sleep. The Nectar Lush mattress has some key features that manage the temperature of the mattress surface throughout the sleep cycle.

What is Tencel fabric?

Nectar beds use Tencel fabric for their mattress covers. Long staple Tencel microfibers have cooling properties that promote a cooling to the touch feel when you lay down on the mattress. Tencel fabric is durable, ultra-soft, and highly breathable. Tencel fabric is excellent at moisture wicking pulling moisture away from the body if you are a sweaty sleeper. When comparing Tencel vs. cotton, Tencel is produced with less waste than cotton. Made from wood pulp and other sustainable sources, Tencel mattresses and Tencel sheets are popular amongst hot sleepers looking to find a cooler sleep experience. When you lay down on the Tencel mattress cover, your body will immediately feel cooler. This cold to the touch feeling makes the whole body feel much cooler. The Nectar Lush mattress cover is zippered and removable and should be washed in the washing machine and air dried.

What’s Under The Cooling Mattress Cover?

Under the Tencel mattress cover is 4 layers of memory foam. The Necatar Lush is 12.5 inches in height which is 1.5 inches taller than the original Nectar beds. In addition to the 1.5 inches in height, the Nectar Lush is engineered to provide ultimate cooling, support, and durability layer after layer. The 2nd layer under the mattress cover is a layer of cooling gel memory foam. This temperature regulating layer of gel infused foam actively regulates the heat buildup from the sleeper’s body to keep the top layer from building up too much heat. Necatar Sleep has their own cooling get call Aquacool that they added yto the middle of this memory foam layer to ensure maximum breathability for a cool sleep experience. The 3rd layer of memory foam used is unqiue to Nectar beds. Nectar used Energex foam to provide support and bounce so it doesn’t ever feel like you are sinking in too much into the bed. The last layer of memory foam used to make up the Nectar Lush is a supportive high density memory foam layer designed to provide support and durability throughout the mattress lifespan. Nectar’s lifetime mattress warranty ensures that materials used are high quality to withstand long term usage night after night.

How To Wash A Nectar Mattress Cover

Nectar mattress covers should be spot cleaned with a mild detergent as soon as you notice a spill. It’s recommended to use a waterproof mattress cover on your Nectar mattress to keep the mattress cover free from stains and spills over time.

Where are Nectar Mattresses Made?

Nectar mattresses are made around the world with factories in Vietnam, China, Mexico, and the US. Nectar mattresses ship quickly once ordered and will arrive to you within 5-7 days on average due to manufacturing in multiple countries. All materials are sourced with quality in mind. Nectar has sold over 1 million beds since founded so consumers can be confident that Nectar’s mattresses are made with high quality materials that are durable to withstand the lifetime warranty provided on each purchase.

What Does The Nectar Lush Feel Like?

We rate Nectar Lush a medium feel on the firmness scale. With 10 being the firmest, this gel memory foam mattress would be around a 6.5. Side and back sleepers would find the pressure relief of the gel memory foam to be very comfortable. As a side sleeper, shoulder and hip pain can be the result of pressure building up in those areas of the body. With a medium plush gel memory foam mattress, those areas will benefit from the soft foam pressure relief. Back sleepers who like a medium sleep surface would also find this Nectar mattress to be very comfortable. If you sometimes wake up at 3am sweating, this gel memory foam mattress provides one of the coolest night’s sleep of cooling mattress on the market.

Is Nectar A Good Mattress To Buy?

Nectar and Nectar Lush are affordable gel memory foam mattresses that come with a best in class 365-night sleep trial and lifetime mattress warranty. The Nectar Lush is an upgrade from the original Nectar. The removable cover can be washed so you can ensure you and your family are sleeping on a clean sleep surface. The cooling gel memory foam and cooling mattress cover were successful in regulating temperature making the Nectar Lush mattress one of our top picks for best cooling mattress. Nectar’s 12.5-inch bed will run consumers $1399 for a queen size mattress and $1699 for a king size memory foam mattress. If you are in the market for a cooling mattress to beat the summer heat, Nectar offers a full 365-night sleep trial and money back guarantee. Over 1 million consumers sleep on Nectar mattresses so that should give you enough confidence to give Nectar a try yourself.

Nectar Furniture

Nectar furniture is a more recent addition to the Nectar sleep lineup. Nectar has added a wood platform bed, a 2 drawer modern nightstand, 4. drawer dresser, and a dresser with hutch. Nectar furniture is shipped direct to consumer just like their line of mattresses and guaranteed high quality. Nectar also gives all furniture orders a 30 day trial and 1 year warranty. Check out more details on new Nectar furniture below.

4 Drawer Dresser

4 drawer dressers are a nice addition to any bedroom set. White dressers are perfect if you have a white platform bed or a light colored bed frame. Dressers are a great way to add to the limited closet space which most households struggle with. Modern dressers pair well with modern bed frames. Nectar 4 drawer dresser sets are available in several colors. Currently, Nectar offers their 4 drawer dresser with hutch in a black, white, and light wood option.