Layla Pillow Review

An In-Home Sleep Test of Layla Pillows

The Layla Pillow was recently reviewed by the team. The Layla mattress is one of my favorite mattresses that I reviewed a few months prior. This pillow has the same great cover as the mattress. Layla’s mattress cover is my all-time favorite. Not only is the cover aesthetic, is also utilizes the many benefits of copper. Let’s check out the Layla Pillow in more detail below.

What’s the Layla Pillow Made Of?

Layla is made of Kapok fibers combined with memory foam to create a super plush, super supportive sleep surface. This is the first pillow that I have reviewed with Kapok fibers so I had to dig in and find out more about it. Kapok fill is 100% natural from seed pods of Kapok trees. Also, Kapok is free from any pesticides or chemicals. Kapok is also allergy free. Perhaps most importantly, Kapok pillows have a similar feel to down pillows except they are not made of feathers and are much lighter and cooler in my opinion.
The memory foam that’s mixed in with the Kapok fiber is Caerti-PUR certified. So, agin this is a non-toxic pillow you can trust with your family.

What’s the Layla Pillow Cover Like?

Our Layla Pillow cover is really nice. The same pattern as the mattress and woven with copper fiber to sleep cooler. Layla has used copper in all of their sleep products so far. Copper helps to dissipate heat in addition to being anti-microbial. Many people also swear that copper releases positive ions that provide a wealth of wellness and health benefits.

What Sleep Style Works Best With The Layla Pillow?

The Layla Pillow contours naturally with the loft of your head so any sleep style will sleep well on this pillow. This is great for anyone who has back or neck pain, which could be caused by improper alignment from the wrong pillow.

What size options are available for the Layla Pillow?

The pillow comes in king and standard size. The king size pillow is $119 and standard costs $99. Layla does have an offer currently running that will give you $25 off on pillows with any mattress purchase.

Does the Layla Pillow have a warranty?

Yes, Layla offers a 5 year warranty on defects such as stitching, seams, and fading. The pillow is pretty high quality so I don’t expect you will see defects. The 5 year warranty is unnecessary because you really should replace your pillow every few years.

Is there a sleep trial with the Layla Pillow like they offer with the Layla Mattress?

The Layla Pillow comes with a 120-night, money back guaranteed trial period so if you decide for any reason that the Layla is not for you, you will get a full refund within the first 120 nights. They do ask that you give it 30 days to break in. I would do that unless you find you are having back or neck pain, which is unlikely.

Layla Pillow Review, Final Thoughts

The Layla Pillow is my favorite pillow that I have reviewed so far. I had never heard of Kapok fibers when I received it, so I had no clue what to expect. They are light and airy but cradles with just the perfect amount of loft. I literally sleep with it every night. If you are looking for the perfect pillow, look no more.  Layla was right when they announced their pillow was “The Most Comfortable Pillow You Will Ever Own.”
Start your 120 night sleep trial today. Given the guarantee and their reputation I don’t think you have anything to lose.
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