Mediflow Water Pillow | Does this water based pillow relieve neck pain?

Mediflow Water Pillow | Does This Water Based Pillow Relieve Neck Pain?

Mediflow water pillow was reviewed by the team. This popular water based pillow is currently sold in 40 countries and ranks as the #1 best-selling pillow on Amazon in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, and China. Mediflow pillow is also sold in large retail stores like Walmart, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Costco, and Sam’s Club. Inventor Maurice Bard invented the Mediflow water pillow after he suffered from a car wreck that injured his neck. After discovering that a hot water bottle under a pillow was comfortable and supportive, Bard worked with engineers and scientists and produced the Mediflow water based pillow for neck pain.
Water Pillow by Mediflow Support and Layers

Is The Water Pillow the best pillow for neck pain?

Water based pillows provide excellent cervical, neck, and head support. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine did an extensive study on the Mediflow with patients suffering from chronic headaches due to neck problems. Through extensive testing, the Mediflow Water Pillow was clinically proven by Johns Hopkins to improve sleep and reduce neck pain. As someone who suffers with neck pain from a previous car wreck, The Water Pillow has been my favorite pillow that I have reviewed so far. The water provides support unlike any pillow fill that I have tried.

What’s The Water Pillow made from?

The water based pillow is available in fiber, memory foam, down, or down alternative. We chose the memory foam pillow for this review purpose. Memory foam pillows are antimicrobial and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites. The well ventilated memory foam does not sleep hot or retain heat.
  • Scored 96/100 in our tests
  • Amazon’s Best Selling Pillow
  • Excellent Support
  • Great for Cervical, Neck pain, and Headaches
  • Fiber, memory foam, down, or down options
  • Setup Can Be Messy

Where’s the water stored?

The water is stored in the cover of the water pillow in a pouch (PVC free). The 300 thread count poly-cotton shell contains a pouch that holds the water. The Mediflow water pillow is easy to fill. Just make sure to pour slowly. The cotton cover is zippered for easy cleaning. The pillow will fit standard pillow cases.

Does Mediflow pillow come with a sleep trial?

Since finding the perfect pillow for your sleep style is not easy, Mediflow offers a 30 day, money back sleep trial on all versions of their water pillow.

What type of warranty does the The Water Pillow have?

The Mediflow pillow comes with a 3 year warranty on manufacturer’s defects.
Mediflow Water Pillow Fill Chart

What sleep style works best with The Water Pillow?

Since water based pillows are customizable, all sleep styles will work great once you decide on your perfect loft. The Water Pillow comes in fiber, memory foam, elite fiber, down, and down alternative. I am a side sleeper and prefer memory foam pillows. Down alternative would be my second choice.

Where Can I Buy Mediflow water base pillows?

Water based pillows from Mediflow are available online through the website or through Amazon. You can also find Mediflow at Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Mediflow sells replacement parts like caps and funnels on their website that may not be available at retail stores. Mediflow also sells pillow cases that fit standard size and queen size pillows. For those sleepers with allergies, Mediflow carries standard, queen, and king size pillow cases that are zippered and washable.

Is the Mediflow the best pillow for neck pain?

Neck pain, headaches, insomnia, etc. are never pleasant to deal with. If you are in pain and not sleeping well, you must make some changes to help yourself. After a car wreck, my neck pain has been a source of frustration for the last 10 years. As a result of the adjustable loft that water based pillows give you, the sleeper’s neck is properly aligned and supported in all positions. You will never need to wake up and fluff your water pillow. Your days of waking up and not being able to turn your head because you slept wrong are over. If you have neck pain or just want a pillow that provides excellent head support, the Mediflow water pillow consistently ranks at the top for best pillows with neck pain. If you are a stomach sleeper with neck pain, water based adjustable pillows provide excellent support.
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