Crave Mattress Review: Best Hybrid Mattress in 2021?

We recently reviewed the Crave Hybrid Mattress sent over by the team at Crave was created by entrepreneur, Amanda Grigg. Grigg spent 15 years in her family’s mattress manufacturing company and set out on her own to build a higher quality mattress for a more affordable price point. Crave’s lineup of mattresses are eco-friendly and 100% made in the USA. All materials used in the Crave Mattress are sourced within 200 miles of Crave’s headquarters in the furniture capital of the world, High Point, North Carolina. In addition to hybrid mattresses, Crave also has several all memory foam mattresses in their arsenal. Learn more about our experience with the Crave hybrid mattress.

What is a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses consist of several materials put together to make an optimal sleep experience. All hybrid mattresses are different and can vastly have a different feel. Hybrid mattresses are known for being more durable than memory foam mattresses. A common complaint with memory foam mattresses is durability over time. Memory foam mattress support starts breaking down in 5-7 years on average. A hybrid mattress will last 10-15 years when kept properly cleaned and and average wear and tear. Hybrid mattresses are usually more expensive than memory mattresses because they are more expensive to manufacture. Hybrid mattresses are an excellent transition from a traditional spring mattress since many hybrid mattresses have an innerspring base. Hybrid mattresses are suitable for all sleep styles and come in all firmness levels.

What makes up the Crave Hybrid Mattress?

For the purpose of this mattress review, Crave sent us their ultra plush hybrid mattress. Crave’s ultra plush hybrid mattress is 12 inches in height and comprised of latex, memory foam, and pocketed coils. The 1 inch latex layer paired with 2 inches of memory foam sit on top of a 1.5 inch inch transition foam layer. Under the 4.5 inches of latex and memory foam is a layer of pocketed coils. The pocketed coils provide support and absorb motion transfer for couples. Crave’s motion transfer absorption is one of the best that we have reviewed.

How long will a hybrid mattress last?

If long term durability is your goal, a hybrid mattress is more durable than memory foam mattresses. For overweight people, hybrid mattresses are a better choice since they can handle more wear and tear (especially iff the hybrid mattress has steel pocketed coils) than foam. Latex mattresses are more durable than memory foam so if you choose a hybrid with latex like the Crave Mattress, you should expect at least 10 years of solid support depending on well you maintain your mattress over time.

How does Crave’s Sleep Trial work?

Crave offers a 100 night sleep trial on all mattress purchases. This means you can sleep on your new crave mattress for up to 100 nights and if you are 100% satisfied, you get a full refund. Crave will even arrange for the mattress to be picked up from your house so you don’t have any hassles with returns.

What type of sleeper will the Crave Ultra Plush Hybrid be best for?

Hybrid mattresses are great for all sleep styles. Crave’s ultra plush hybrid has a medium feel so we would recommend it for side and back sleepers who like a medium sleep surface. Since Crave’s hybrid mattress contains pocketed coins, the sleeper will not have the sinking feeling that you get with memory foam mattresses. This makes a hybrid mattress excellent for sleepers who have trouble getting out of bed.

Final Thoughts on the Crave Hybrid Mattress

The Crave Hybrid Mattress provides excellent motion transfer absorption, strong edge support for those who like to is on the side of the bed or use the full bed surface, and is extremely well made. The cover is nicely designed and made from a nylon poly that fits well. The latex and foam layers on top of pocketed coils make for excellent temperature regulation. Overall, Crave created a very well made hybrid mattress that’s nicer than anything in the furniture store and cost way less than the high end hybrid mattresses you see at traditional mattress stores. If you are a side or back sleeper looking to dramatically upgrade your sleep experience, the Crave Ultra Hybrid Mattress would be a great option for you. Learn more about the Crave Mattress lineup here