Sol Organics Sheets Review

Sol Organics Sheets Review

Sol Organics recently sent the team a set of their Plain Sheet Sets. Sol Organics is a startup that prides itself in never marking up the cost on Certified Organic Cotton Premiums. This helps keep the cost down for consumers while not sacrificing on quality. The founders of Sol recognized the lack of transparency in supply chains that were inflating thread count and passing costs to consumers so they decided to change that with their company. Sol uses high quality, long staple organic cotton to produce smooth, soft sheets. Sol only uses non GMO-seed certified raw organic cotton so you can be rest assured that you are getting the very best and safest cotton available.

Sol Organics Plain Sheets Thread Count

Sol uses 300 thread count, 100% Certified Long Staple Organic Cotton, sateen weave, single ply with their plain sheet sets. The 60s yarn count used in these sheets is on the high end of yarn counts. No loose threads were present on the sheets I received and none have been found after sleeping on them for over 2 weeks.

What does the set include?

The set includes 2 pillowcases, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 flat sheet. The fitted sheet fits very snug on the mattress and doesn’t come off or move as you sleep on them. The pillow cases also have an open end design that really allow airflow to keep your pillow from retaining heat.

How well do the sheets sleep?

Sol’s Plain Sheets that we reviewed sleep very cool. Not once were there any signs of heat retention. The light, airy feel of them is extremely soft and also breathes very nice throughout the night. Sol sheets fit so nicely on my mattress that I never have to worry about them coming off.

How well do they hold up after washing?

My set of Sol Organics sheets have been washed multiple times already and they have not faded at all. No shrinkage has occurred at all from washing and drying. The sheets were even more amazing after being washed and were softer than I ever thought they would be.

Another reason we feel in love with Sol Organics Sheets….

The tag on the bottom of the fitted sheet that tells you which is the top/bottom is so helpful. From someone who seems to always struggle putting sheets on wrong, this makes it so easy to put them on the bed. I wish all sheets had this feature. Just something a little extra to show how well the Sol team thought through the making of these sheets.
If you are looking for high quality, ultra-cool and breathable, organic cotton sheets that don’t break the bank, you definitely want a set from Sol Organics. These sheets are my new favorite that I have slept on and Mattress Junkie highly recommends.