Marpac YogaPet Dog Bed Review

Marpac YogaPet Bed Review

This Marpac YogaPet Bed Review was recently completed by the team. YogaPet is under the Yogabed line of sleep products that are owned by Marpac. Marpac is well known for its high quality sleep products including the Dohm Sound Machine line. Marpac’s Yogabed Collection includes the Yogabed Mattress in addition to bed frames, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, etc. The YogaPet bed we received was in small. Check out more about the YogaPet Bed below.

What size is the Marpac YogaPet Bed?

The MarpacYogaPet Bed comes in small, medium, and large. These sizes are perfect for a small, medium, or large crate. Exact dimensions are below.
small = 24x18x3
medium = 30x19x3
large = 42x28x3

What’s the Marpac YogaPet Bed made from?

Marpac YogaPet Bed is made from 3 inches of instant response YogaFoam. YogaFoam sleeps cool and regulates temperature so you pet gets a comfortable and cool sleep surface. Comfort matters in pets for the same reason it does in people. Also, pets who don’t love their bed will get on your furniture. So, if you are cheap here then you will pay for it in furniture cleaning, wear or damage.

Tell me more about the Marpac YogaPet Bed cover.

The YogaPet Bed cover is gray in color. Fully washable and removable, Zip-N-Wash waterproof, machine washable cover. The bottom of the cover also has a non-gliding backing so it doesn’t slip around on the floor. This is pretty important with any pet but with older and heavier pets, particularly with hip issues this can help to avoid injury.

How much does the YogaPet Bed cost?

The YogaPet Bed costs $119 for small, $139 for medium, and $159 for large. This is a good price, well within the range. In fact we would call this a good value.

Finals thoughts on the Marpac YogaPet Bed

The Marpac’s line of sleep products are known for being top notch for many years. Their YogaPet Bed is no different. The 3 inch instant response Yogafoam provides a plush sleep surface for your favorite fur baby.
Our review found the non-slip bottom was also very convenient with my wild animal. Marpac YogaPet comes with a 1 year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. If you want to give your pet the same quality sleep surface as you, YogaPet Bed would definitely be a great choice.
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