ZBD Mattress Review: Does this CBD infused mattress really work?

ZBD Mattress Review: Does This CBD Infused Mattress Really Work?

ZBD Mattress is a new CBD infused mattress that recently entered the memory foam mattress in a box industry. The ZBD Mattress was created by mattress industry professionals that specialize in memory foam. Through a ton of research, they came up with the first mattress infused with CBD and set out to provide sleepers with a pain free, healing sleep. As an avid CBD user, a CBD infused mattress was something we had been looking forward to. You can find CBD in almost anything these days. From CBD Coffee to CBD gummies, everyone is finally catching on to how transformative CBD can be in their everyday life. With this in mind, getting our hands on one of the first CBD infused mattresses had us excited like a kid in a candy shop. Check out more of our thoughts on the ZBD Mattress below.

How does a CBD infused mattress work?

Isolate CBD capsules are infused into the mattress cover fabric. The friction from the sleeper’s body causing the capsules to burst and spread throughout the fabric and enter into your body.  By Infusing CBD into the mattress, the sleeper gets to enjoy many health benefits like reducing anxiety, alleviating body pain, and many other sleep disorders. The ZBD Mattress has 12 grams of isolate CBD per square meter with each CBD microcapsule containing 48 mgs of isolate CBD. (Make sure you select the CBD in fused mattress cover at checkout*)

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of 100 chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant. CBD is extracted from the plant then diluting it with other oils like coconut oil or hemp seed oil. Marijuana has been used for thousands of years to treat a ton of ailments. CBD is excellent in relieving body pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, reducing acne, lowering blood pressure, etc. As a result, CBD has started popping up at stores everywhere you go. From CBD water to CBD honey sticks, your CBD intake options are plentiful.

What does CBD feel like?

One of the most common questions people have about CBD is what does it feel like? The best way to answer that is it’s not what it feels like, it’s what you don’t feel like. For example, if you are having back pain, CBD rub will provide pain relief. Those who suffer from anxiety would benefit from CBD gummies. After taking a CBD gummy for anxiety, you will calm down and not notice your anxiety after 20 min or so. CBD for sleep has been transformative for me. Taking a dropper of CBD oil 20 minutes before bedtime gives me the best sleep of my life. CBD really doesn’t feel like anything it just relieves you of a ton of health issues that were robbing you of your quality of life.

Is CBD legal in all states?

ZBD Mattress is not shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, or South Dakota. ZBD ships to rest of the United States and Canada. All mattresses in the US are shipped for free. Canadian orders will be charged for shipping and handling.

What should you expect when you open your ZBD Mattress?

The ZBD Mattress will arrive at your doorstep rolled up in a box. Once you unbox your mattress, allow it to sit without the sheets to fully expand. Most memory foam mattresses expand immediately so even though it’s recommended to let your mattress sit for 48 hours to fully expand. The ZBD mattress fully expanded upon unboxing. If you order a queen or king size mattress, you may want to get help moving it. Even though memory foam mattresses are much lighter than latex mattresses or hybrid mattresses, a queen ZBD mattress weighs 68 pounds and a king size mattress weighs 87 pounds.

Tell me more about the CBD infused cover

ZBD’s CBD capsule infused cover sets this mattress apart from your typical memory foam mattress in a box. The zippered cover can be removed from the mattress and is washable. Washable mattress covers are highly recommended since mattresses are notorious for germs and other harmful toxins that humans shouldn’t want near their body on a daily basis. Washing your mattress cover once or twice a year is recommended for all mattresses with a removable cover. ZBD’s mattress cover fits snug to the mattress and has a nice clean look to it. The cover is cooling and feels cool to the touch.

Will the CBD capsules survive the washing machine?

ZBD thoroughly tested their CBD infused mattress cover. After 10 washes, the mattress cover still contained 32% of the CBD. ZBD will be selling CBD infused mattress cover replacements soon so swapping out your cover after years of use will be an option. It’s always better to have a washable cover to control the germs and bacteria vs not. The average lifespan of a memory foam mattress is 10 years, so your CBD infused mattress cover is designed to last for many years of usage.

What’s under the CBD infused mattress cover?

The ZBD Mattress is an all memory foam mattress that consists of 3 layers of foam. The 3 foam layers are 10 inches in height. As a result of the top layer of foam being the closest to the sleeper’s body, ZBD made sure their foam was highly breathable and managed temperature regulation. Sleeping hot was the most common complaint of memory foam mattresses when they hit the market. The ZBD Mattress has top notch temperature regulation and the CBD infused cover feels cool to your body when you lay on it. The second layer of memory foam is a transition layer that provides comfort, support, and motion transfer. The layer is denser than the comfort layer on top and less dense than the support layer of foam on the bottom. The last layer of memory foam is the support layer. The high-density foam support layer is what makes a mattress durable. High quality support foam is critical for mattress support for years to come.

What type of sleep style would be best for the ZBD Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are extremely comfortable for side and back sleepers. Pressure relief on a memory foam mattress is unmatched with any other mattress type. The ZBD Mattress has a medium feel which works for the majority of sleepers and is not too firm and not too soft. As someone who suffers with sciatica, memory foam mattresses are the most comfortable to me.

Does the ZBD Mattress contain THC?

The ZBD Mattress contains 99% CBD isolate. CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD. All impurities are removed from CBD when processed. For those who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the unwanted plant parts and impurities, isolate is the best choice for you. Many people ask if CBD will make you fail a drug test. CBD Isolate contains less than .02% THC so the amount you would need to consume to fail a drug test would be so substantial that this should not be a concern.

Does the ZBD Mattress come with a sleep trial?

ZBD offers a sleep trial and warranty with every mattress purchased. The sleep trial is 100 nights. Rest assured that you have 100 nights to try your new mattress just in case you decide it’s not for you, ZBD will give you a full refund. The warranty offered is a 10-year manufacturer’s defect warranty.

How much does the ZBD Mattress cost?

The world’s first CBD infused mattress is very affordable. Twin size mattresses are $899, full size mattress is $1099, queen sized mattresses are $1199, king size mattresses and California king size mattresses are $1299. If you are an avid CBD user, you know how expensive CBD is. High quality CBD isolate is even more expensive. ZBD gives consumers the opportunity to enjoy CBD benefits while sleeping for the next 10 years and at a reasonable price.

Does the ZBD Mattress work?

We normally test our mattresses for 2 weeks. The ZBD Mattress we tested for an entire month. Just to make sure we reviewed this mattress correctly; we took our time with it. The first thing you will notice is the mattress is very comfortable. The memory foam was like sleeping on a cloud. The cooling effect of the mattress cover does a great job regulating temperature. Never once did I wake up hot in the 30 days sleeping on the ZBD mattress. Rolling over has that cool as the other side of the pillow feeling. From someone who normally takes CBD every night for insomnia, I stopped using the CBD oil during the 30-day sleep trial. I slept just as great on the ZBD Mattress from night 1 through night 30 as I did with the CBD oil. You will start to notice how refreshed you are when you wake up and the greatest part was waking up pain free. My sciatica and lower back pain has been a non-issue and I haven’t had to do an emergency chiropractor visits like I normally do every month. I love the ZBD Mattress so much that I moved my king size mattress out of my master bedroom and am now sleeping on a queen sized ZBD Mattress. If you are in the market for a new mattress and need the pain relief and sleep benefits of CBD, ZBD has the first CBD infused mattress on the market and it’s the best kept secret in town. Check out the best deals on a CBD infused mattress here. Make sure you check the box to have your new mattress cover infused with CBD.