Zonkd Hybrid Pillow Review

The Zonkd Hybrid Pillow is available any longer. Our testers loved it. But we have lots of other great brands too. The My Pillow Review is far and away the most popular and that’s for a good reason. The Layla pillow is a favorite with testers. Also read the latest review of the Tango Pillow. Also look at the UGG Blanket for something cozy to go with your new pillow.

Zonkd Hybrid Pillow Review

Zonkd Hybrid Pillow Review was recently completed by the team. Zonkd has a mattress and 3 pillows that they ship direct to consumers. Zonkd’s cofounders are former employees of large sleep companies and believe that everyone deserves a good night’s rest. Zonkd sent over their down alternative, hybrid, and foam pillows for us to check out. Check out more of what we thought about the Zonkd Hybrid Pillow below.

Tell Me More About Zonkd’s Hybrid Pillow cover.

The Zonkd Hybrid Pillow has an ultra-plush, bamboo spacer fabric cover. The cover is as smooth as any that we have ever seen and feels luxurious and comfortable. Bamboo is commonly used in many sleep products and has an array of benefits. Since bamboo is so mild, those with acne or sensitive skin won’t have to worry about irritation. The cover is also removable and can be machine washed and dried.

What’s Under The Zonkd Hybrid Pillow Cover?

Zonkd uses dual chamber technology under the cover that houses an open cell structure foam that provides airflow and has a great bounce. The fluffy feel and high resilience of the pillow also helps with spinal alignment. Neck and back pain is often due to the spine not being properly aligned while you sleep. Zonkd addressed this issue specifically with all of their sleep products.

Does the Zonkd Hybrid Pillow sleep hot?

The cofounders of Zonkd knew that many customers complain about sleeping hot from their past experience in the mattress industry. From the soft bamboo cover to the open celled structure foam, Zonkd is engineered for a cooler night’s sleep.

What size options does Zonkd come in?

Zonkd offers a standard size pillow for $79 and a king size pillow for $89.

Final Thoughts on the Zonkd Hybrid Pillow

The Zonkd Hybrid Pillow is a perfect median between the foam and the down alternative pillow. You get the comfort and conformity from the down alternative fill in the cover and the support of foam from open celled foam in the internal chamber. For those who prefer the feeling of a more traditional pillow, the Zonkd Hybrid Pillow would be a great option for you. Zonkd offers a 110-night money back guarantee sleep trial on all their sleep products so they are confident that you will love it as much as they do.
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