Snuggle Nest | Reviews And Buyer’s Guide For Baby Delight

Our Snuggle Nest review looked at their line of portable baby beds available in major retail stores like Walmart, Target, Babies R’ Us, Bed, Bath, and Beyond and many others. Baby Delight is the brand behind the Snuggle Nest portable baby beds that have become extremely popular. “Mompreneur” Farah Morton created the Snuggle Nest sleeper to help new moms bond with their child. After having her first child, Farah Morton wanted to feel closer to her child during the critical first few months after birth. As a result of her new baby sleeping in a bassinet, Farah set out to create a portable baby bed that would allow a new parent to have a closer bond.

Snuggle Nest Portable Baby Bed

Our Snuggle Nest review looked at several versions with different features. The suggested age for these infant portable mattresses is 0-5 months, up to 15 pounds. Please refer to specific instructions that came with your Snuggle Nest before using. They will vary. Learn more about Baby Delight’s Snuggle Nest portable baby bed options below.

Snuggle Nest Harmony Surround XL

Snuggle Nest Harmony with Surround XL packed full of high tech features. In order to make co-sleeping with an infant more safe, the Snuggle Nest Harmony portable baby bed has a nice set of upgrades from the Snuggle Nest Dream. The sound and light unit that serves as a gentle nightlight and plays soothing sounds from the womb or Brahm’s lluluby. The light and soothing sounds are a game changing upgrade for the Harmony. Baby Delight also included a foam incline wedge to help with congestion and digestion. The Snuggle Nest Harmony features a handle for easy carrying. Exact dimensions are 28.5″ x 14″ x 6″.

Snuggle Nest Adventure

The Snuggle Nest Adventure is a portable baby bed designed for easy travel. Packing the baby up for a long weekend has never been easier. The Snuggle Nest Adventure a boasts extra storage, features a waterproof foam mattress, a removable canopy bug net, backpack straps instead of a handle like other models. Exact dimensions are 28.5″ x 14″ x 6″.

Snuggle Nest After Glow

Two rigid, vented walls separate the baby from the surroundings ensuring a safe co-sleeping environment with new parents and their newborn. The Snuggle Afterglow features a soft nightlight unit in the head of the sleeper. Reviews of the Snuggle Nest Afterglow support the popularity of portable baby bed. New moms have raved in reviews about how convenient Baby Delight’s portable infant mattresses were after giving birth. The Snuggle Nest Afterglow has over 400 ratings on Amazon for 4+ stars and is listed as an Amazon Choice product which further verifies how great this portable mattress for infants is for new parents.

Where to Buy Baby Delight’s Infant Sleep Line?

Baby Delight sells their line of portable infant beds at a ton of retail stores near you. Walmart, Macy’s, Target, Buy Buy Baby, etc., are just a few stores that carry Snuggle Nest. Amazon consistently has the best deals on Baby Delight’s baby sleep line. If you are looking for a blanket to add your your snuggle nest, check out our list of the softest Ugg blankets great for babies.

Bedding For Mom, Dad and Fido Too

Our Snuggle Nest review found this to be a a great choice for your little angel. Hopefully it will lead to better sleep for you as well. But nesting is for the whole family. Part of that is getting the right bedding for yourself. A well rested parent is a happy parent. That’s why we suggest cuddling on a Burrow Couch before heading to sleep on a top quality mattress. Our recommendation is reading our Amorebeds Mattress Review, Blello Mattress Review, or splurging on the luxury Brentwood Home Oceano.