Burrow Cognac Leather Sofa| Best Brown Leather Sofa?

Our new Burrow Leather Couch Review actually came out of a two year test we have been running on another Burrow Couch. Our original Burrow Couch Review was published two years ago and recently updated to reflect the current state of our red couch (OG Burrow) used daily. Burrow’s inspiration behind their couch in a box line was created out of frustration with the traditional couch buying process. Long gone are the days when you made a trip to Ashely Furniture and wait a week for your new big comfy couch to be delivered.
Couches bought in furniture stores often limit buyers. From someone who’s moved a black leather couch multiple times into small city apartments, the stress of not knowing if your furniture will fit through the stairwell is something you don’t to deal with over and over. So many friends have moved and lost sleeper sectional sofas and expensive Italian leather couches when their living space no longer worked with their current couch setup. With these frustrations fresh on the mind of Burrow’s founders, they set out to create a couch that was sturdy, affordable, adaptable, and lightweight for an easy move. Burrow’s modern leather sofa takes luxury up to a whole new level. Read on to learn more details about our brown leather couch that no one believes it came from a box.

How does a leather couch fit in a box?

Burrow realized early on that the best place to buy a couch should be online. By skipping the furniture store, Burrow was able to save the consumer around $600 dollars per convertible couch sold. Burrow ships their original fabric couch and their leather couches in boxes. Since both couch sets break down into modular pieces, shipping in cardboard boxes was the most cost efficient way to get these luxury couches to consumers. Convertible couches also solve the issue of your sofa adapting to all living spaces.

How Hard Is It To Assemble The Burrow’s Sofas?

The seats clamp to each other and the legs are twist screw install. None of the assembly requires any tools. The process was not hard or time consuming. Unpacking the boxes took me longer than assembly. Coming from someone who has had IKEA meltdowns, assembly was easy and directions were clear and detailed.

Where is Burrow Sofa made?

Burrow is handcrafted in North Carolina. Furniture made in the USA is popular because the materials are highly scrutinized to ensure quality control.

How durable is the Burrow Nomad Leather Sofa?

My original red couch from Burrow is the most durable sofa that I have ever owned. That modern couch still looks sexy and is as sturdy as the day it was assembled. Burrow’s founders knew early on that low-quality sofas do not last so they rigorously test to ensure long term durability and support. There’s a reason why your cheap Ikea couch didn’t survive your college apartment. If you need a couch that’s durable enough for kids and dogs, the original Burrow couch would be the best fit for you. The leather couches are luxurious top grain Italian leather and would need to be treated with the same caution as you would a fine Natuzzi leather couch.

Where to buy the best black leather couch under $2000?

In addition to the brown leather couch we have, Burrow also made a black leather couch option that will remind you of Italian leather couches that you would find at much more expensive furniture stores like West Elm and Crate and Barrel. Couch leg options are available in a dark wood color, light wood, and black. Arm rests are also customizable with a low and high option. For reference to both arm options, the original Burrow Couch Review has the high arm option while the brown leather couch has the low arm option . Personally, the low arm rest couch is easier for me to prop my head up on and read. Sitting on the couch is equally comfortable with both the low arm chair option and high arm chair option. More options to customize for leather couch are available. Leather ottoman and chaise lounge options are available for those who prefer the comfort of a chaise lounge couch. We added a leather ottoman to our brown leather couch and it’s my favorite lounge spot in the living room.

Where can I see the Burrow Leather Sectional Sofa in person?

Unlike every furniture store that I have been to, Burrow offers all their customers a 30-day risk free trial period. Burrow will refund you and cover shipping so it’s truly risk free.

Does Burrow offer any type of payment plans or financing for their sofas?

Yes! Burrow has financing available at 0% APR for 12, 18, and 24-month options.
Cognac leather sofa with cognac leather ottoman

Final Thoughts on the Burrow’s leather sofas

The Burrow Nomad Cognac Leather Sofa exceeded all of my expectations. The Italian leather is so soft and so luxurious. Similar Italian leather sofas would cost 3-5x and wouldn’t have the ease of move or ability to transform into another seating option. The Burrow Nomad Leather Sofa was much nicer than I had even expected. The whole process from shipment to assembly was easy. The quality is top notch. No one will ever believe you if you tell them it arrived in a box. Accenting it with Burrow’s handmade pillows and throw made a perfect combination. Every person who sees my sofa comments on how beautiful it is. If you are looking for a new sofa and prefer not to haggle at the furniture store and wait months for delivery, Burrow would be a great option for you.
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Black leather sofa and Black Leather Accent chairs

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