Aslan Mattress Review

Aslan Mattress Review

This Aslan Mattress Review was recently completed by the team. Aslan is a direct to consumer company located in Tennessee. Aslan’s founder has been in the mattress industry since 2006 and spearheaded the development of dozens of mattresses for online sale. The high markups and confusion in the bedding industry was the driving force behind Aslan. Read more below to find out how the Aslan Mattress Review stacked up against the best queen mattresses under $700.

Tell Me More About the Aslan Cover

Our Aslan Mattress review places a high priority on quality materials. The Aslan Mattress cover is a soft knit breathable cover designed to prevent heat buildup. Aslan’s cover is cool to the touch and one of the most cooling covers that I have seen on any mattress that I have reviewed.
Always check for the latest pricing but the MSRP is.. Twin $499 Twin XL $549 Full $599 Queen $699 King $799 California King $799
Aslan offers a 365 night sleep trial so you can sleep on the mattress up to an entire year and still get a refund if you decide it’s not for you. Aslan stands behind their work and offers a forever warranty.
We review all our mattresses on wooden wooden bed frames. Wood bed frames like the platform bed frame we prefer, eliminates the need for a box spring. Bed slats 2-2.5 inches apart will provide a solid base for your mattress. If you prefer an adjustable bed base, cooling gel memory foam mattresses like Aslan work great on an adjustable bed frame. Classic Brands has an adjustable bed base that includes brackets for a headboard in case you want top add a headboard to your adjustable frame. You can also use a traditional bed frame with a box spring if you prefer the added bounce and height a box spring will provide.
The Aslan Mattress has 3 layers of foam. The first is a cooling, gel and phase change, memory-foam layer that relieves pressure pressure. The second layer is a next-generation memory foam. The third layer is active support foam. Support foam that provides a durable base layer and supports spine alignment.

Aslan Mattress Layers Explored

Next, our Aslan Mattress review looked carefully at the construction of the Aslan Mattress. It is made up of 3 layers of foam. The first layer helps manage temperature and provides a comfort level below the sleeper’s body. This gel and phase change memory foam layer gives you cool comfort while also relieving pressure on the body. Aslan uses an open cell viscoelastic foam infused with beaded gel and phase change material. The mattress has a cool to the touch feeling when you touch it. The 2nd layer is next generation memory foam that gives the sleeping additional cooling and exceptional durability. The third layer is made up of active support foam. Support foam gives it a durable base layer while also providing proper spine alignment for maximum comfort.
You no longer have to go to Ashley’s Furniture and spend thousands on a bed frame. I remember getting my first wood bed from American Furniture Warehouse and it was way larger than anything I have at my city apartment now. Wood platform beds that easily assemble are the way to go if you want a simple bed frame. After assembling some nightmare Ikea bed frames, we recommend going with something that doesn’t require tools. This mid century wood platform bed is our top bed frame for memory foam mattresses. Pairing a solid wood platform bed with your new mattress would provide a solid base for the sleeper and protect your investment long term.

Final thoughts on the Aslan Mattress

Our Aslan Mattress review found that the Aslan sleeps extremely cool. I can’t remember a foam mattress sleeping cooler than I did on this mattress. The cool to the touch cover and phase change top layer make the mattress really comfortable throughout the night. Aslan is very reasonable on price and the sleep trial and warranty are as good as you can find in the market. If you are looking for a new foam mattress and like to sleep cool, Aslan would be a great choice.