Blello Mattress Review

In Home Test, Review and Recommendation 2020

This Blello Mattress Review was recently completed by the team. Blello ships their mattress direct to consumers and has a 100 night trial and 10 year warranty. Blello’s mattress is comprised of 3 foam layers and is rated a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The makers of Blello have 20 years in the furniture industry while selling spring mattresses in their brick and mortar store. They have since capitalized on that experience and have started selling direct to consumer. Read on to learn more about what we liked and what you should consider before buying.

Tell me more about the Blello Mattress cover.

The Blello Mattress is a 6 of 10 in terms of firmness. This medium-firm feel works for the majority of sleep styles.

What’s Under Blello cover?

Blello has 3 foam layers under the mattress cover. The 1st layer is 1.5 inches of Serene Foam. Serene Foam is unique top Blello and is used as their alternative to traditional memory foam. Traditional memory foam is known for trapping heat so Blello went with a heat dissipating alternative. The 2nd layer is 2.5 inches of comfort foam. Blello uses Qualatex Foam to make up this layer. Qualatex Foam provides a layer of support and reduced compression for the sleep experience. The last layer is 6 inches of support foam. High density, supportive poly-foam makes up the base of the mattress and ensures the mattress longevity as well as long term support. This mattress should have a long life if it is cared for well.

What Sleep Style Works Best with the Blello Mattress?

The Blello Mattress is a 6 of 10 in terms of firmness. This medium-firm feel works for the majority of sleep styles.

What type of base should I place my Blello Mattress on?

The Blello Mattress would work on any flat surface or adjustable bed. We reviewed our mattress on a traditional bed frame with box springs but as long as you have a solid surface, Blello would work fine.

Will my mattress have a chemical smell when taken out of the box?

Mattresses will sometimes have a slight odor when unrolled from the compressed packaging. This is called ‘off gassing’ and is often described similar to a new car smell. Once you open your mattress, let it breath to fully inflate. This will eliminate the majority of the scent. I usually find the odor to be unnoticeable within 24 hours or so. Blello did not have a strong odor when unwrapped so the off gassing was not an issue.

Does the mattress sleep hot?

Blello does a great job of managing temperature with the use of their own foams. Blello slept cool throughout our sleep trial. The materials and construction breath and allow the mattress to dissipate, instead of store the heat. So, it also doesn’t get hot as the evening wears on. If you want an alternative that also does well her then read our Wolf Mattress reviews for more information.

What Type of Warranty and Sleep Trial does Blello offer on this mattress?

The Blello Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. Blello also offers a 100-night sleep trial so you can try the mattress for 100 days and make sure it’s the one for you. The warranty covers manufacturer defects and the sleep trial is intended to let you test if you like it. These are both competitive in the industry.
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How much does the Blello cost?

  • Twin- $525
  • Twin XL-$595
  • Full-$750
  • Queen-$875
  • King-$995
  • California King- $995

Do we recommend the Blello Mattress?

Blello’s medium firm foam mattress would work for the majority of sleepers and this includes a range of sleep styles. Heavier sleepers will like the support and it works well when you are sleeping with someone. It won’t disturb your partner when you move and will provide good support to people of very different sleep styles. We didn’t sleep hot and found the mattress to be comfortable throughout our trial. If you are in need of a new mattress and prefer foam, Blello is a solid option.
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