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My Pillow Giza Sheets Review: Best Giza Cotton Sheets in 2022

Many My Pillow Giza Dream Sheets Reviews Comment on the Feel

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the My Pillow Guy. My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell has gotten his fair share of news lately but his real gig is selling sleep products. My Pillow has sold millions of their famous MyPillow washable memory foam pillow that never goes flat. In addition to selling pillows, MyPillow has a line of products like dog beds, mattresses, memory foam mattress toppers, and more recently dropped products like the MyPillow Duvet Cover and My Pillow towels. We’ve tried many of the My Pillow products and they are always high quality and well made. Below we check out the MyPillow Giza Sheets. Read more if you are in the market for new bedding.

My Pillow Giza Sheets Review

Our My Pillow Sheets review was conducted over several months in by real in-home testers. They are one of the latest sleep related items from Mike Lindell to have his loyal customer base searching Walmart and Costco in hopes of snagging one of the best king sheet sets under $100 that you will find anywhere.
My Pillow’s popular line of sleep products and pet beds are advertised everywhere you could think of and as a result, My Pillow has amassed a cult-like loyal customer base that stands by the patented, interlocking memory foam fill and convenience of being in stock at every major retailer including Costco, Walmart, Amazon, Target, Sam’s Club, etc.
My Pillow founder, Mike Lindell has been promoting his My Pillow classic pillow for way too long now to not be the real deal. In addition to the My Pillow classic that’s sold over 1 million pillows worldwide, Lindell’s sleep line released the My Pillow mattress topper and My Pillow Giza Dream Sheets. The My Pillow large loyal customer base continues to make My Pillow one of the top selling sleep brands. So our My Pillow Sheets review asked the question if the giza cotton sheets from Oprah’s Favorite Things List are still the best sheets for the money.
Giza Cotton Sheets
Hot sleepers appreciate how well the My Pillow sheets don’t allow heat to build up. Giza cotton appearance is also unique. As a result of the extra long staple fibers in giza cotton, the fabric has a natural sheen that remains rich for years to come. Egyptian cotton absorbs dye well and has a wider range of color options that are rare.

What size mattress fits Mike Lindell's Sheets ?

My Pillow Giza Sheets fit nicely on thicker mattresses. Pillow top mattresses 15-17 inches in height work best with My Pillow Giza Dream Sheets. If you don’t have a pillow top mattress 15-17 inch in height, you can add a My Pillow Memory Foam Mattress Topper to any memory foam mattress to add an extra few inches of support and pressure relief.
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My Pillow Sheets Review
The matte, sheen finish of giza sheets is unlike any sheet material on the market that I have experienced. Giza cotton’s vibrant color is my favorite finish of all sheets on the market. The Egyptians have been the Kings of Cotton for 300 years for a reason and our My Pillow Sheets review definitely sees the benefit.


The most luxurious Giza sheets will be labeled 45, 70, or 87 and feature the rare extra long staple giza cotton. Less than 1% of all Giza cotton harvested in Egypt qualifies for the Giza 45 label. The majority of giza cotton sheet sets on the market are labeled 86, 89, or 90 featuring long staple giza cotton fibers.
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My Pillow Giza Cotton Sheets

Our My Pillow sheets review rated them as thick and luxurious, similar in quality to something you would find in a super expensive hotel like the Ritz Carlton. The sheen color stays vibrant after washing over 40 times over the past 2 years. Giza sheets are the luxury you never knew you needed. These My Pillow Giza Sheets are still my favorite green sheet set that I’ve ever owned.

Giza Cotton Sheets vs. Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Giza cotton is named for the town of Giza in Egypt where it is grown. So all Giza Cotton is Egyptian Cotton. But not all Egyptian Cotton is Giza Cotton. The town is located along the Nile River Delta. The Nile river is over 4100 miles long and the water carries nutrients in it as it travels north toward the Mediterranean Sea.
When the water gets near the town of Giza it drops a lot of the nutrients it has been carrying for all those miles into the soil. This makes the soil around Giza very rich.
We started this My Pillow Sheets review knowing that Egyptian cotton is very popular because of its luxurious feel. But the rare, long staple giza cotton is especially great for cloth. Egyptian workers hand pick it to preserve the extra-long fibers. The extra long fibers make Giza cotton especially softness. Many my pillow giza dream sheets reviews have noted how durable and light weight it is. It also breathes really well. This is hard to copy with synthetic fibers or other kinds of plant fibers.
So the question of Giza Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton ends up being pretty clear. Our My Pillow Sheets review found that The Giza sheets have the benefits of Egyptian cotton but with some added benefits. Pair your giza cotton sheets with an Ugg blanket for the ultimate bedroom set up.
Giza cotton comes from a town in Egypt named Giza. Giza is located on the nutrient rich Nile River delta which is known for producing extremely rare long staple giza cotton. Giza cotton is a form of Egyptian cotton that’s handpicked during harvest to preserve the extra-long fibers. Giza cotton is known for its extreme softness and light weight breathability.
The My Pillow Giza Sheets were washed over 40 times a one year test. They still have that same dull luster that remains rich on high quality cotton wash after wash
MyPillow products are available online in common sizes for all sleep products. Twin, twin, XL, full, queen, king, and California king are all available online. My Pillow giza sheets at Walmart and Costco were limited to queen and king size. My Pillow’s inventory may vary by location.