Hive Mattress Review

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Hive Mattress Review

The Hive Mattress Review was recently completed by team. Hive Mattress is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The Hive team has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the mattress industry. Hive was created to alleviate confusion for consumers in the brick and mortar mattress buying process. Hive’s mattress has one comfort level designed to work with the majority of consumers. Check out more of our thoughts on the Hive Mattress below.

What’s The Hive Mattress Cover Like?

Hive uses a cooling fabric cover on their mattress. The mattress cover is white with subtle honeycomb designs scattered around it. The mattress cover is cool to the touch which is always nice to feel when you crawl into bed.

What’s Under the Hive Mattress cover?

Hive has 4 layers under the mattress cover. Layer 1 is made up of 2 inches of prime quality latex with ventilation for exceptional airflow. This helps regulate temperature and keep heat from building up under the sleeper’s body. Layer 2 is a one-inch support layer made up of 4 lb. density memory foam. The 3rdlayer is made up of 1,000 pocketed coils made from high carbon grade steel with Quantum Edge Support that adjusts and contours to your body and reduces motion transfer. The 4thand final layer is an inch of high resiliency and high-density foam for stability.

Tell me more about edge support on the Hive Mattress

Hive has Quantum Edge Support so you can use the edges of the bed without caving in. This is a common complaint with memory foam mattresses, but Hive has great edge support.

What type of frame works best with the Hive Mattress?

We reviewed our Hive Mattress on a really great platform bed but box springs, adjustable beds, and the floor work great too.

What’s the firmness level on the Hive Mattress?

We would describe Hive as a medium on the firmness scale. The coils provide excellent support so you don’t sink into the mattress and feel stuck. Hive only comes in one level of firmness and this should be suitable for the majority of sleepers.

Does the Hive Mattress Sleep Hot?

From the cooling fabric cover, ventilated latex, and pocketed coils, the Hive Mattress is engineered to have maximum airflow and temperature regulation. Many people complain about the heat retention with memory foam so if you sleep hot, hybrid mattresses like the Hive Mattress will sleep cooler.

How Much Does The Hive Mattress Cost?

  • Twin- $925
  • Twin XL- $950
  • Full- $1150
  • Queen- $1250
  • King- $1550
  • Cali King- $1550

Final Thoughts on The Hive Mattress

The Hive Mattress is high quality, has great edge support, minimizes motion transfer, and regulates temperature well. It comes with a 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial. The Hive also sends you honeycomb shaped soap in a separate shipment which shows they go the extra mile. If you are in the market for a new mattress and like to sleep cool, the Hive Mattress would be a great option.
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