Nest Love & Sleep Mattress Review

Nest Love & Sleep Mattress Review

This Nest Love and Sleep mattress review was completed by the team recently. Nest sent over a queen sized, Love and Sleep mattress for us to review. This mattress is listed at $599 on the Nest website.  Nest is a family owned, factory direct, bedding and mattress company located in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, New York and Chicago area with 8 stores throughout those regions. Nest carries organic sheets, natural and certified bedding, and mattresses. Nest’s customer service is top notch and all products are green and are priced very affordable. Let’s see how the Nest Love and Sleep mattress stacked up against the review process.

Love & Sleep Mattress Cover

Nest’s Love and Sleep mattress cover is comprised of phase change fabric that absorbs temperature and acts as a body temperature regulator. The cover will absorb heat and keep you warm when its colder and cool when its hotter out. The thinner cover facilitates airflow in and out of the mattress. The Nest Love and Sleep mattress cover is white with basic design and has a nice form fit to the mattress.

Love & Sleep Mattress Under the Cover

The Nest Love and Sleep mattress is made up of 3 layers in addition to the cover. The first layer is 3 inches and made of 2.8 pound, breathable and responsive foam called EnergexTM. EnergexTM is a durable and breathable hybrid foam made without latex. EnergexTM is infused with minerals to help with heat retention by pulling the heat away from the sleeper’s body. For the second layer, instead of gluing the layers together, Nest put in an Air Flow Layer of foam to help control temperature and conform to the sleeper’s body. The last layer is comprised of 6 inches of 1.8 pound density edge support base foam. The base foam provides support for the mattress. The Nest Love and Sleep sleeps ultra cool with every layer helping out in the temperature control of the mattress.

What’s the firmness level on the Nest Love & Sleep Mattress?

The Nest Love and Sleep mattress comes in medium and luxury firm. The mattress we received was a luxury firm.

What Sleep Position Works Best with The Love & Sleep Mattress?

The Nest Love and Sleep works great with all sleep positions. Whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper, Nest Love and Sleep will work great for you.

How is the Edge Support on the Love and Sleep Mattress?

If you sleep near the edge or like to sit on the edge of the bed, edge support can be an important factor. The Nest Love and Sleep mattress has great edge support. You will be able to sleep near the edge and use the edge of the bed without issues.

How well does the mattress handle motion transfer?

The Love and Sleep mattress did an average job of handling motion transfer. I wouldn’t say it had the best motion transfer I have seen and definitely wasn’t the worst I have experienced. I would rank it middle of the road in this category.

What type of base works best with the Love & Sleep Mattress?

A box spring, platform bed, or the floor are all options that Nest recommends for the Love and Sleep mattress. We prefer to use a mid century reclaimed wood bed frame when we review queen memory foam mattresses. Long gone are the days when Ikea bed frames were the only option around for an affordable queen bed frame. If you need a new frame with a new mattress purchase go ahead and order one at the same time. There’s no sense in getting your mattress damaged from an old bed frame. Metal bed frames, wood platform bed frames, and adjustable bed frames are all great for memory foam mattresses.

Will My mattress have a chemical smell when taken out of the box?

All memory foam mattresses have a slight smell called off gassing when they are first opened from the vacuum sealed pack. Nest is made from high quality materials that are Certipur-US Certified so you and the environment are safe from any harmful toxins. This is normal and goes away after a short time. Think of it as the new car scent when you buy a new car. The new mattress scent just fades in a 24-48 hour period.

What Type of Warranty Does Nest Offer? Is there a sleep trial period?

Nest Love and Sleep Mattress has a lifetime warranty. Nest also offers a sleep trial period of 100 nights.

How much does the Love and Sleep mattress cost ?

Financing is available to those that qualify with 3, 6, and 12 month options.
Twin XL- $429
California King-$749

Would we recommend the Nest Love and Sleep Mattress?

The Nest Love and Sleep mattress is a great price and sleeps ultra cool. For the $599 price of a queen, you get a great sleeping mattress. I would highly recommend this mattress for anyone that wants a great mattress at an affordable price with a lifetime warranty.

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