Zinus Mattress Review

This Zinus mattress review was completed by the team recently. Zinus sent over a queen, 12’ Pressure Relief Memory Foam mattress to be reviewed by the team. This mattress is listed for $310 on Zinus’s website. Zinus mattresses are extremely affordable. Zinus, the company, has an array of sleep and lifestyle products to help consumers discover better sleep. Zinus has shipped millions of mattresses and beds and has over 110k reviews. We wanted to ensure that the Zinus was up to par with our standards. Check out how this Zinus mattress stacked up in the review process.

Zinus Cover

The Zinus cover is light and airy. Nothing too fancy but definitely light enough and breathable to allow air flow. The Zinus cover fits a little loose on the mattress but that didn’t change the performance. The mesh bottom gives a nice blue accent to the bottom part of the mattress.

Zinus Mattress Under the Cover

The Zinus mattress is made up of 3 layers. The first layer is 3 inches of BioFoam. BioFoam is used as memory foam and replaces the traditional petroleum found in many mattresses with plant oil which keeps your mattress staying fresh. Biofoam is infused with natural ingredients like green tea extract and charcoal to help safely absorb moisture, eliminate odors, and keep your mattress fresh throughout its lifespan.  The middle, 3 inch layer, is made up of pressure reliving comfort foam to help the body conform without too much stress on any one portion. The middle layer serves as a transitional layer between the top, comfort layer and bottom, base layer. The last 6 inches of the Zinus mattress makes up the high density base support foam. This layer provides your support while the other 2 layers provide your comfort.
Zinus mattresses have 3 layers. A BioFoam layer which is a plant oil based alternative to petroleum based memory foam, a comfort foam layer and a 6 inch, dense bottom, base support layer.
The Zinus mattress works great with all sleep positions. The high quality, four pound memory foam offers conforming comfort for all any sleep style.
Zinus’s edge support is better than average for a memory foam mattress. Memory foam tends to have less edge support than other types of mattresses.
Most mattresses have an odor to them when you unroll and remove the vacuum sealed plastic. This chemical type smell is called off-gassing. Off gassing is not harmful nor toxic in any way and is typically gone in 24 hours.
Zinus has a 10 year warranty against any manufacturer defects for all their products including mattresses and sofas.
Zinus products are made from high quality materials that are Certipur-US Certified so you and the environment are safe from any harmful toxins.
Zinus offers financing on all Zinus mattresses and box springs for as low as $50 a month.

Zinus’s Level of Firmness

The Zinus mattress we reviewed had a medium to firm feel. Not too soft and not too hard so that general level of firmness would work well with the majority of sleepers. The sinkage was moderate and expected from a memory foam mattress but nothing too extreme.
Whether you sit on the edge of the bed or sleep near the edge, memory foam mattresses don’t always have the greatest edge support. Zinus’s edge support was sufficient for my liking. I have seen some mattresses cave in on the ends with no edge support.

How did the Zinus mattress handle motion transfer?

Zinus handled motion transfer very well. I was impressed with the lack of interruption from one side to the other.

What type of base should I place my Zinus Mattress on?

As you can see from the photos, we reviewed our Zinus mattress on a Zinus Box Spring. The box spring was also delivered in a box. The steel structure was super easy to assemble with all the tools in the box. This Queen box spring cost $109 which is super cost effective if you prefer to not sleep with your mattress directly on the ground.
As your mattress breathes, the off-gassing smell will fade. Zinus’s off gassing was not strong at all and was completely unnoticeable after 24 hours.

How much does Zinus cost?

  • Twin-$220
  • Full-$290
  • Queen-$310
  • King-$380
  • California King-$380

Would we recommend Zinus?

Yes! We recommend Zinus for anyone who is looking for a high quality, well-made mattress but doesn’t have the budget to splurge. From the mattress arrival to the assembly of the box spring, Zinus was a great experience. The mattress looks and feels much more expensive than actual cost. was super impressed with the quality, workmanship, materials, and sleep quality from the Zinus mattress and box spring.

Newest Zinus Mattress Models

Zinus has a ton of great mattress options available on the market these days. Don’t waste your time doing a ton of research because we summed them up below for you. Check out the latest and greatest Zinus mattresses.

Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus has over 100k reviews on their 12 inch green tea mattress for a reason. A queen size memory foam mattress will set you back $404.99 on Amazon and it’s one of the best value mattresses on the market. 12 inch memory foam infused with green tea that sleeps cool all night and relieves pressure on the hips and lower back for side sleepers as well as full body pressure relief for back sleepers. This Zinus mattress is one of the best mattresses under $400 that you will find online. If you are looking for a comfy mattress that sleeps great and doesn’t cost a fortune, Zinus green tea mattress would be our recommendation. Click here for the best deals on a Zinus 12 inch memory foam mattress.

Zinus Bed Frame

If you have the money, you should go ahead and upgrade to a new Zinus bed frame to go with your Zinus mattress. Zinus has a line of quality bed frames to suit every bedroom. Whether you need a black metal bed frame or a king size bed frame with headboard, Zinus has a bed frame for you. Check out some of our favorite Zinus bed frames below.

Zinus Suzanne

Zinus Suzanne bed frame is one of our top picks for wooden bed frame options if you are looking for a queen bed frame or king size bed frame. Zinus Suzanne is made from metal and wood. This metal bed frame can hold a weight limit off 700 pounds. Available in all sizes from twin size to king size bed frames, Zinus is priced under $250 for all sizes. The Zinus Suzanne bed frame does not require a box spring. Assembly is easy and the bed frame is very durable and well made. Click here to check out the wood options for the Zinus Suzanne bed frame.

Zinus Tonja Platform Bed Frame

One of our top picks for king size bed frames with headboard, this platform wooden bed frame comes with an option for a headboard. The Zinus headboard is well made of pine. No need to use a box spring with this bed frame. Available in all sizes from twin bed frames to king bed frames, the Zinus platform bed is a great choice if you are looking for a quality bed frame that doesn’t break the bank. Zinus vs Ikea bed frames are not even close in quality. Zinus is way nicer in quality, comes with a 5 year warranty, and has instructions that are much easier to follow than the typical Ikea photo instructions with no words. With over 3k positive reviews on Amazon,