Charles P Rogers Mattress: Is Real Bed The Real Deal?

There’s a reason why Charles P Rogers mattresses have been featured at luxury hotels like the Waldorf Astoria and St Regis Hotels in New York City for many years. With 160 years of mattress making experience, founded in 1855, Charles P Rogers is the longest continuously operating mattress and bed frame manufacturer in the United States. Based out of the Flatiron District of NYC, Charles P Rogers mattresses are all handmade in New Jersey. We recently reviewed Real Bed by Charles P Rogers. This natural latex mattress is made with all natural, organic materials and is available under a $1k for twin, full mattress, or queen size mattress. Natural latex mattresses normally cost 3x-5x this amount at brick and mortar mattress stores. Check out our full thoughts below where we go into more detail about Real Bed.

What are the benefits of sleeping on latex mattresses?

Latex mattresses have recently become affordable for more consumers due to the mattress in a box direct to consumer market has taken off the last few years. Prior to buying direct from the mattress maker, mattress stores would mark up latex mattresses prices making them unaffordable to the average person. Latex mattresses are more durable than foam and spring mattresses and many last 15-20 years without losing their support. In addition to the added lifespan of latex mattresses, latex is also antibacterial and naturally cooling. Sleepers with allergies, hot sleepers, and side and back sleepers benefit from sleeping on natural latex. If you still have questions, check out our comparison of latex vs memory foam for a more in depth description of both mattress compositions.

What’s under the Charles P Rogers mattress cover?

Are all latex mattresses on the more firm side?

Your body won’t sink into a latex mattress like it will on memory foam. Latex is resiliant and supportive but can sometimes be too firm for side sleepers. If you are a side sleeper and prefer latex, adding a plush mattress topper will make your sleep surface much softer. We got a chance to test out the Real Bed mattress topper with our mattress review and it created a very comfortable side sleeper environment. Without a plush mattress topper, most latex mattresses are more firm than memory foam or traditional spring mattresses.

How long will my Charles P Rogers mattress last?

Mattress lifespan depends on the sleeper and how well the mattress is maintained over time. If you rotate your mattress and keep your mattress in a waterproof mattress protector, your mattress will last longer. How often should you rotate your mattress? It’s recommended to rotate your bed every 3 months.

What type of sheets do you recommend?

Real Bed is 11.5 inches thick. If you add the Charles P Rogers mattress topper to your new mattress, that’s another 2.5 inches totaling 14 inches. Deep pocketed sheets are recommended for this mattress. There’s nothing worse than the sheets popping off the bed so if you don’t have deep pocketed sheets, do yourself a favor and get a set for your new mattress.

Where can I buy a Charles P Rogers mattress?

Finding a Charles P. Rogers mattress dealer near you may not be possible if you don’t live in the NYC region. If you do live in the New York City area, Charles P Rogers has showrooms in NYC, Philadelphia, and East Rutherford, NJ. If you don’t live near one of these locations or don’t plan to be in the New York region any time soon, you can order your mattress direct from Charles P Rogers online. This ensures you get the best deal possible cutting out the furniture dealer who would then mark up the prices 1-2x on mattresses as well as bed frames. Charles P Rogers offers free shipping on their mattresses. If you want your mattresses delivered and set up for you, Charles P Rogers mattresses have a white glove delivery option for $199.

How fast will my mattress in a box arrive?

If you need a mattress in the next week or so, Charles P Rogers offers fast shipping with mattresses arriving 5-7 days after ordering depending on your location. Definitely get help moving and setting up your Real Bed for the first time. Latex mattresses are heavier than memory foam. A king-sized latex mattress from Charles P Rogers weighs 180 pounds while a queen mattress weighs 139. Twin sized mattresses even weigh 90 pounds so moving the mattress inside your home and setting it up for the first time is a two-person job.

How long will it take me to get used to my new mattress?

Depending on how poor your prior mattress support was, it may take some time to get used to your new mattress. Some people will take a week or two to properly adjust and some people will have no adjustment period at all. Just keep in mind, your new mattress is providing proper support to your body now so deep, healing sleep will be in your near future.

What happens if you decide that Real Bed is not for you?

If you decide your Charles P Rogers mattress is not working out for you, you have a 100-night sleep trial with a money back guarantee on all mattresses ordered online. Charles P Rogers requires all mattresses participating in the 100-night sleep trial be covered with a waterproof mattress protector for the entire sleep trial to be eligible for return.
Mattress Topper on Queen Size Real Bed from Charles Rogers

Final Thoughts on the Charles P Rogers Real Bed

Charles P Rogers mission with Real Bed was to bring consumers the best natural mattress for a better price. All-natural mattresses are a great solution for consumers who want to sleep on a non-toxic sleep surface. In addition to the organic materials sourced to create Real Bed, latex is naturally anti-microbial guaranteeing a cleaner sleep over time. Turns out, Charles P Rogers knows a thing or two about making mattresses from their 160 years of experience. Real Bed’s quality out of the box will definitely exceed your expectations. From the organic cotton tufted mattress cover to the naturally sourced latex, Real Bed gives any natural mattress on the market a run for their money and at a fraction of the cost. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, someone who sleeps hot, or just prefer to sleep on a firmer surface, Real Bed by Charles P Rogers would be one of the most affordable latex mattress options on the market right now. Read on to learn more about the full Charles P Rogers mattresses.
King Size St Regis Mattress By Charles P Rogers

St. Regis Mattress by Charles P Rogers

Charles Rogers St Regis mattress is customizable mattress created to serve your personal sleep style. The St Regis mattress has the option of memory foam or latex as your mattress comfort layer. What’s the difference in memory foam vs latex mattresses? Latex mattresses will have a firmer feel to them and also sleep cooler than memory foam. Latex mattresses are also more durable than memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are more popular than latex because they are the most comfortable for side and back sleepers. Our advice, if you are a side and back sleeper, go with the memory foam mattress option. If you are a stomach or back only sleeper who wants a firmer sleep surface, go with the latex mattress option.

Charles Rogers Bed Frames

Charles P Rogers has been hand crafting their iron, wood, and leather bed frames since the mid 1800s. If you ever get a chance to tour the showroom in NYC, there are several types of bed frames that Charles Rogers manufactures today. Hand crafted bed frames have been setting the standard for years. In 1855 in New York City, Charles Rogers made a goal to make the finest bed frames available. Featured on leading home decorating magazines, decorators and designers rank Charles P Rogers bed frames as their first choice. Long gone are the days where Charles Rogers beds were only in luxury hotels. Charles Rogers mattresses and bed frames ship free anywhere in the United States. There’s a ton of bed frame options available so read on to see if you find a suitable fit for your current living situation.

Wood Platform Bed

The solid wood platform bed frames from Charles Rogers are one of the best selling platforms on the market. Apartment Therapy voted Charles P. Rogers Platform Bed (Alana Platform Bed) one of the best bed frames under $2000. Solid wood platform bed frames are perfect for city apartments or suburban houses. Charles Rogers added space for storage under wood platform bed frame. Platform bed frames do not need a box spring or a foundation so you can put your mattress directly on the wooden bed slats and save your self that extra cost when you upgrade. If you are used to sleeping on a box spring and prefer a high bed frame, you may not want to go with a simple bed frame. If you have the space, a bed frame with drawers is not a necessity.

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh bed frames can make any bedroom look like a luxury hotel. If you have the space and want a heavy duty bed frame that never goes out of style, you should invest in a sleigh bed. Most sleigh bed frames are wooden or or iron. Twin sleigh beds come in a range of options and are great when paired with a quality twin mattress. If you want to invest in a high quality bed frame, a solid wood twin sleigh bed would be a great option for a guest room or a child. If you want a queen sleigh bed, a metal bed frame might be a better option if you don’t have the space for the extra bulk that a solid wood queen sleigh bed frame will bring to the room. Charles Rogers started producing their first iron bed frame in the 1850s. Metal bed frames were preferred in that timeframe due to their ability to be sanitized while wooden bed frames would become germ invested. Charles Rogers sleigh bed includes a brass bed frame option, iron bed frame and several different color finishes finishes. There’s an option to use a white finish if you are looking for a white bed frame. There’s also an option to coat the metal bed frame in black if you are in the market for a black bed frame. If you decide to go with a sleigh bed, a box spring or foundation will need to be paired with your mattress.

Charles P Rogers Iron Beds

Charles Rogers Boston bed frame is one of it’s oldest designed metal bed frames. This metal bed frame is made from solid iron. High quality metal bed frames are versatile, easy to clean, and will last for many many years to come. Metal bed frames are also way cheaper than wooden beds. The Boston by Charles Rogers is a timepiece metal bed frame that cost less than $1000 for a king size bed frame. Metal bed frames dont have to be those cheap Ikea bed frames that you toughed out in college. Luxury metal bed frames work great in children’s rooms and guest bedrooms too. Metal bed frames require a box spring or they can damage your support in your mattress. Order a new box spring if you have any bed frame besides a platform bed. Box springs can also be bought online. We recommend the 9 inch Zinus box spring that has over 60k positive reviews on Amazon.

Canopy Bed

Canopy bed frames are great if you have a large bedroom space. Curtains can be installed on a canopy bed adding another layer of privacy to your bed. Canopy beds are usually made out of metal or wood. Most modern canopy beds are metal these days. Steel canopy beds, brass canopy beds, wrought iron canopy beds, are frequently available in white, black, or gold finishes. Make sure you have plenty of room if you are upgrading to a king size canopy bed. Queen size canopy beds look better in a bedroom if the room is not large enough to hold a king size canopy bed. Wooden canopy beds exist but most queen size canopy beds and king size canopy beds are enormous when they are made from wood. Charles P Rogers has a black canopy bed frame that looks great with a king size mattress. Charles Rogers’ metal canopy beds are wrought iron finish and include the option of several brass toppers. If you order direct, you can get a canopy bed in twin through king size for $1087. There’s 4 models available and some go up to $2450. If you are looking for a white canopy bed or gold canopy bed in full size or queen size, this modern DHP canopy bed frame has thousands of 5 star reviews, is in stock, and is very affordable.


If you are living without a daybed and have room for you, you should consider making the investment. You will use it more than you think. Its a great spot to relax and read or use the computer, serves as a guest bed, and is compact enough not to take up a ton of space. One of the nicest daybed frames that we’ve seen come out lately is from the bed manufacturer Charles P. Rogers. The Alana daybed is solid wood with an adjustable back. Available in a twin size mattress or a smaller 33 inch option. This solid mahogany piece is made to last and will be the last daybed you will ever need. If you are looking to purchase a high quality daybed mattress, Charles Rogers makes the nicest daybed mattresses on the market. One of the few mattress makers who make daybed mattresses, Charles Rogers has you covered with a 20 year warranty and a 100 night risk free sleep trial.

Trundle Bed Frame

Trundle beds can be very handy in a ton of sleeping situations. Trundle beds can be a life saver in city apartments and can add extra sleep space to a kid’s bedroom. What is a trundle bed? Pop up trundle beds usually feature a twin frame with a smaller mattress underneath it. Full size trundle beds frames do exist if you are looking for something an adult could sleep comfortably on . When you need an extra bed, you simply wheel out a thinner mattress that serves as a second sleep surface. Overnight guests, children’s rooms, and teenagers are perfectly suited for sleeping on a trundle bed. If you are looking for a metal daybed with a trundle, there’s options for a white daybed with trundle or black daybed with trundle option. The daybed mattress will make a huge difference in the overall comfort of this frame so make sure to get a high quality twin mattress if adults will be using this bed. Keep in mind that if you are storing stuff under your daybed, daybed bed skirts do exist and provide a tidy aesthetic when used. Daybed covers are also an option if you want to keep your bed completely hidden.

Bedframe with Storage

A queen bed frame with storage is a lifesaver if you live in an apartment. One of the best bed frames with storage on the market is made by Charles Rogers. Charles Rogers’ upholstered bed frame has hidden storage perfect for clothes or extra bedding. Add a king size headboard to the king size platform bed frame with storage and transform the energy in your master bedroom.


If you already have a queen or king metal bed frame, adding a king size headboard is usually less expensive than replacing the full king size bed. Headboards can dramatically change the look of your bedroom suite. There are many common headboard options that are modern additions to a metal bed frame. Wooden headboards added to a platform bed frame completely change the look of the bedroom set so you should consider a new headboard if you want a new look for your bed but aren’t ready to upgrade to a new bed frame. For example, this pink velvet headboard would transform your basic metal bed frame into a more modern, luxurious look. For a more masculine look,
    • Upholstered Headboard- tufted headboards are padded and inexpensive compared to other materials. Upholstered headboards are common in queen and king size. Upholstered headboards come in many colors so if you want a purple headboard, upholstered headboards would be your best bet.
    • Leather Headboard- White leather headboard and black leather headboard options are common for king size headboards and some queen size headboards. Leather Headboards are reasonably priced if you shop around. Leather upholstered headboards are usually tufted and padded. Black leather headboards look great in a masculine setting and white leather headboards are great for a more feminine or neutral look.
    • Fabric Headboard- Velvet headboards, white linen headboards, gray fabric headboard
    • Metal Headboard- Brass headboard, white metal headboard, black metal headboard, iron headboard, wrought iron headboard, steel headboard,
  • Wood Headboard- Wicker headboard, reclaimed wood headboard, wicker headboard, farmhouse headboard. Wood headboards with lights are a great upgrade if you like to read in bed. Rattan headboards and wicker headboards are also an option if that’s the look you are going for.
Charles Rogers bed frames come with a lifetime structural warranty so you are covered for life once you own one. Since 1855, Charles P. Rogers has been making bed frames and mattresses. Luxury hotels in NYC have been featuring Charles Rogers mattresses for years. Featured at the Waldorf Astoria and now available shipped direct to you, Charles Rogers mattresses and bed frames are top of the line when it comes to bedding.