Zoma Mattress: Does This Sports Mattress Relieve Back Pain?

The Zoma Mattress was created for consumers with active lifestyles. Sleep studies prove that athletes need rejuvenating sleep to heal their body or performance will suffer. Zoma’s performance-enhancing sleep system is specifically designed for athletes and individuals with demanding lifestyles. Zoma was founded by industry professionals with 25 years of experience in the bedding and sleep industry. Based out of Scottsdale, AZ, Zoma’s founders follow strict fitness regiments and know how important deep REM sleep is for the body’s wellbeing. Read on to see how this memory foam mattress stacked up against our sleep expert’s mattress review process.

Tell me more about Zoma Sports Mattress

The Zoma Mattress is a memory foam mattress comprised of 3 layers of memory foam covered in a grey knit fabric cover. The moisture wicking fabric mattress cover fits nice and snug to the mattress. The Zoma Mattress has 3 layers of memory foam. The top layer of memory foam is different from any mattress we have reviewed. This top layer is a zoned layer of memory foam call Triangulex. This open celled triangle shaped foam contours to your body while regulating temperature on the sleep surface. The second layer of foam is the what Zoma calls the Reactiv support foam that provides the sleeper with top notch motion transfer control while providing support. The last layer of memory foam is a high-density layer of support foam that adds overall durability as well as, long term spinal support for the sleeper’s body.

How much does the Zoma Mattress cost?

Depending on the size of your new mattress, the cost will vary. Twin sized mattresses are $450, full size mattresses are $650, a queen-sized mattress will run $750, while king size mattresses and California king sized mattresses are $850. Zoma also offers a split king mattress that would work well with an adjustable bed frame and it’s priced at $1100.

What’s the bed frame for a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses do not need a box spring to be comfortable to sleep on. Motion transfer on memory foam mattresses is limited therefore a box spring is not the best foundation from our sleep studies. We test all our mattresses out on platform bed frames and highly recommend them if you need a bedframe to go with your new mattress in a box.

What if I don’t like my Zoma Mattress?

All Zoma mattresses come with a 100-day sleep trial. This is a full money back guarantee so Zoma is very confident that you will be satisfied with your new bed. Zoma is also backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. This should give you added sense of security that you are getting a high quality new mattress that’s made to last.

What type of sleep style works best for the Zoma Mattress?

Side and back sleepers are very well suited for memory foam mattresses. The pressure relief for lower back pain and shoulder pain is unmatched on any other sleep surface. As a side and back sleeper, memory foam is my preferred sleep surface. The comfort from medium memory foam is the most comfortable for me personally. The Zoma Mattress is a 6 out of 10 on my firmness scale. This was just the right amount of sinkage and pressure relief while providing contouring support to aid in proper spinal alignment.

What size mattress works best for my bedroom?

Finding the right mattress size perfect for your bedroom is a personal preference. Most apartments in the city would be a tight squeeze for a king size mattress. Queen sized mattresses are the most commonly purchased. If you aren’t sure what size will be the most comfortable for you, check the mattress dimensions before making a final purchasing decision. Just a reminder, all mattresses arrive at your doorstep compressed in a 19x19x42.5 box.
-Twin size mattress dimensions- 38 inches x 74 inches
-Twin size XL mattress dimensions- 38 inches x 80 inches
-Full size mattress dimensions- 54 inches x 75 inches
-Queen size mattress dimensions- 60 inches x 80 inches
-King size mattress dimensions- 76 inches x 80 inches
-California king size mattress dimensions- 72 inches x 84 inches
-Split king mattress dimensions- 38 inches x 80 inches

Final thoughts on the Zoma Mattress Review

We have reviewed a ton of memory foam mattresses over the past 2 years. The Zoma Mattress ranks in the top 10 favorite memory foam mattresses due to many factors. The triangular shaped contouring foam is unlike any memory foam we have tested. From someone who has chronic hip and SI joint pain, the Zoma mattress memory foam was the perfect amount of pressure relief. We also allowed two other side and back sleepers to test out the Zoma mattress. They also gave this all memory foam sports mattress their seal of comfort approval. If you are an active human like most of us are, healing from deep sleep is the most rejuvenating thing you can do for your overall health. If you aren’t getting the rest you need to be your best, the Zoma mattress would be a great option for you.