Allswell Mattress: The Supreme Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress Review

Allswell Mattress: The Supreme Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress Review

The Allswell Supreme Mattress was recently reviewed by the team. Allswell is a popular bedding brand that emerged on the scenes in the last few years. Walmart carries the Allswell line so you can always snag a new one on the spot if it’s an emergency. While Walmart mattress in a box selection could be limited by your area, Allswell carries a full line of hybrid mattresses, memory foam mattress pads, sheets, and other bedding directly to consumers on their website. Our Our Allswell Mattress review found that their line of hybrid mattresses are affordably priced and exceed expectations on quality. The motto at Allswell is simple, ” luxurious sleep doesn’t have to come at a luxury price.” Read on to learn more about Allswelll’s luxury hybrid mattress, The Supreme.

Tell Me More About The Allswell Supreme Mattress Cover

The Allswell Supreme has a lush pillow top built into the cover. Plush pillow top mattresses are common with luxury mattresses found in mattress stores at much higher prices than you will find online. When you order a mattress in a box, the middle man is cut out and the cost savings get passed on to the customer. Allswell’s pillow top luxury mattress, The Supreme, is much nicer than the common memory foam models you find in a box.

What’s under the pillow top mattress cover?

Whether you order a twin size mattress or a California king mattress, all Allswell mattresses have a combination of individually wrapped coils and layers of memory foam. Hybrid mattresses have an array of benefits that include excellent motion absorption for those who don’t sleep alone. In fact, hybrid mattresses are preferred by hot sleepers due to the open structure composition that promotes more airflow than foam can provide. Let’s take a deeper dive into the layers of the Allswell Supreme hybrid mattress below.

Layer 1

Under the pillow top, the Allswell luxury, hybrid mattress features a layer of cooling graphite and copper gel infused memory foam that absorbs body heat and transfers heat away from the sleeper’s body. Copper also provides an array of health benefits for the human body that many people swear by. This infused foam layer gives the sleeper pressure relief, cooling, and comfort.

Layer 2

Under the memory foam layer infused with cooling graphite and copper gel is a layer of Energex foam. This 2 inch memory foam layer adds another pressure relieving and temperature regulating layer to the Allswell Supreme luxury hybrid mattress.

Layer 3

Allswell’s hybrid mattresses all have individually wrapped coils with reinforced edge support. Edge support is important for those who like to sit on the side of the bed or use the entire bed surface. With this in mind, Allswell reinforced the edges of their mattress to make the sides more functional

What type of bed frame works best with a hybrid mattress?

Allswell’s commitment to affordable luxury goes beyond mattresses. If you don’t want to splurge on all new bedroom furniture, you can use what you already have. In fact, our Our Allswell Mattress review finds that all Allswell hybrid mattresses are compatible with box springs, platform bed frames, adjustable bed frames, and slatted bed frames.

What happens if you decide Allswell is not for your sleep style?

Every sleeper adjusts to a new mattress differently. Depending on your previous mattress support, you could be sore for a few weeks while your body gets used to proper support again. With this in mind, Allswell offers a 100 night sleep trial on all purchases. If you decide Allswell is not for you, they will refund you as long as it’s within that 100 days.

What sleep style is the most compatible with a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are great for all sleep styles. The plush pillow top has individually wrapped coils which increases the firmness. So, the Allswell Supreme is very comfortable for side, back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

How Much Does the Allswell Mattress Cost?

The Allswell Supreme pillow top mattress is affordably priced. Allswell offers 0% financing for those that qualify if you need to pay over time.
  • twin size mattress- $725
  • twin XL mattress-$775
  • full mattress- $885
  • queen mattress- $985
  • king size mattress- $1,245
  • California king mattress- $1245

Final Thoughts on the Allswell Supreme Pillow Top Mattress

Allswell has a high quality hybrid mattress offering that is affordably priced. Brick and mortar retail stores can charge a fortune for luxury pillow top mattresses. Long gone are the days when you need to spend several grand to get a high quality mattress. Our Allswell Mattress review found that their hybrid mattress, The Supreme, to be very nice and extremely comfortable. A 14 inch queen size mattress with a lush pillow top under $1k is hard to beat. We strongly recommend the Allswell Supreme Pillow Top Mattress.

Allswell Mattress review

Our Allswell Mattress review earned a 98/100 score, near perfect. For more Allswell Mattress review comments from clients, visit their home page and see what others think.