Eve Pillow Review

Eve Pillow Review

Eve recently sent over a set of their memory foam pillows for review by the team. Eve is a UK based company and all of their products are designed in the UK. Eve’s signature yellow mattress was reviewed by our team a while back and we loved it. The team was excited when the yellow boxes arrived at our door for review. Check out how eve’s pillows stacked up in the review process.

What sleep position is best for the eve Pillow?

We slept on our back and side and thought the eve pillow performed great in both positions. Eve’s website states that their pillow is great for any sleep style.

What’s the eve pillow cover made of?

The cover of the eve pillow is washable, jersey fabric. The fabric has a nice stretch and elasticity to it. The eve pillow cover is 100% polyester and is hypo allergenic. With the jersey type material, you get a breathable, cool sleep experience. The eve pillow is free from harmful toxins and has the OEKO-TEX 1 label for safety. The eve pillow also has the signature yellow accent around the rim which is aesethicly pleasing.

What’s the eve pillow made of?

The eve pillow core is made of responsive next generation memory foam. The memory foam contours to your head to relive pressure and boost circulation while you sleep. The foam is also treated with an antimicrobial shield called Ultra Fresh to resist stains and help with odor control. Ultra Fresh aids in fighting off bacteria, mold and mildew. The eve pillow also has cooling holes drilled throughout the core to allow air to flow freely thus eliminating natural heat retention from the sleeper’s head.

How much does the eve pillow cost?

The eve pillow costs $75 USD.

What Size is the eve pillow?

The eve pillow comes in one size, standard. Standard is 16 x 26 and weighs 3.7 pounds.

Does eve offer a sleep trial on their pillow?

Yes, eve gives all buyers a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Is there a warranty that eve offers on their workmanship?

Yes, eve offers a 3 year guarantee on defects so you don’t need to worry about quality.

Would we recommend the eve pillow?

The eve’s signature yellow accent has always been one of my all time favorites since the first time I saw it. The mattress blew us away when we reviewed it a while back so not only does eve look sexy, it sleeps incredibly nice. The eve pillow was no different. The quality is easily recognizable as soon as you lay your head on it. Great for all sleep styles and never getting hot, the eve pillow makes a great addition to the bedroom and will not disappoint.