Eve Mattress Review

EVE Mattress Review

This eve mattress review was recently completed by the Mattress Junkie team. Eve is a U.K. based company that brings a unique offering to the US market. Eve has a knack for perfection through 4 years of optimization and 70,000 prototypes tested and brags to be the most comfortable memory foam mattress in the world. With all the talk about eve around the web, we definitely were excited to do the Eve mattress review. Check out how eve stacked up in our rigorous review process.

Eve’s Yellow Cover

One of my favorite things about the eve mattress is the yellow cover. The cover is really vibrant, really comfy, and has an excellent feel to it. The eve mattress cover is made of stretchy polyester which makes the cover highly elastic and super soft. The polyester cover helps with temperature control and adds a layer of durability that will stand the test of time. The yellow sides to the eve mattress cover also have mesh spacers that keep you sleeping cool and air flowing throughout the night.
All materials used in the eve cover are sides are Oeko-Tex® so they have been tested by industry experts and contain no harmful chemicals.

What’s under the cover?

Eve is a 9.5 inch mattress made up of 3 different layers of memory foam. The top 2 inch comfort level under the cover is designed to be responsive, hug the body, relieve pressure points, and ease of movement. This open cell top layer is designed to regulate temperature. The second layer is an active response, 1 inch thick level that is designed to respond to movement and not sink down too much throughout the night. The third and last layer is a 6.5 inch layer of ultra resilient base foam. This high density layer of foam provides the mattress with its support. The mattress was rigorously test to give you a nice springy bounce that responds quickly.

Eve Mattress Review: Firmness Level

Eve describes itself as a medium firm. I would definitely rate it closer to medium since its one of the softer mattresses I have tested. Eve supports the body with the same support as a firm though so you get the comfort along with the support. The mattress is not flippable and the one level of firmness is designed to work for all sleep types.

What sleeping position is best for sleeping on the Eve?

Eve’s responsive memory foam works well with all sleep styles so no matter what your preference is, the foam bounces back quickly and comfortably.

What type of frame is best to sleep on the Eve mattress?

I slept on my eve mattress on the ground as you can see from the photo above. I thought it was very comfortable on a flat surface. Eve also recommends a slatted base with slats no more than 7 centimeters apart.

Eve Mattress reVIEW: Mattress Junkie’S feedback

The eve mattress did not disappoint. The box eve arrived in was the best of any mattress we have received so far. When mattresses arrive, the box is often worn and torn due to the mattress weight and ground shipping. Mattresses are so compressed and wrapped that the box condition has no affect on the actual mattress itself. It does make a much better impression when you know your new investment was handled with care. The yellow cover is vibrant and sexy. The eve mattress enhances the look of any room you keep it in. When was the last time you said that about your mattress? Besides being very aesthetically pleasing, the mattress is just soft enough to really feel comfortable and firm enough that you won’t feel like you can’t move. The eve mattress made me feel like I was sleeping on a cloud. Eve’s 9.5 inch thickness is the thinnest mattress we have tested but comfort is not compromised. Eve’s mattress is definitely high quality, sexy, comfortable, affordable, and highly recommended for all sleep styles.

Does Eve offer a home trial?

Eve will allow you to sleep on the mattress for 100 days risk free with a full refund if you decide you aren’t completely satisfied. Eve is shipped to you for free and also will be picked up for free if you decide to return it.

Does Eve offer financing?

Yes, you can finance eve for 6 months and pay no interest for the first 25 days.

Where is my Eve mattress made?

Your eve mattress is made in the US. Eve is designed in the UK.