HiEnd Accents

HiEnd Accents

2020 Product Line Review

Founded in Dallas about 15 years ago, HiEnd Accents started as a small home textile manufacturer and went on to help popularize rustic bedding. By focusing on distinctive, designer quality products they became popular with interior designers, decorators and those with a romantic love for bringing the outdoors indoors. The company expanded quickly into transitional and traditional beddings and decorative accessories. The company had a few successful expansions with their Landmark Home Collection and their Home Décor line.

HiEnd Accents bedding

Wilderness Ridge Rustic Lodge Corduroy Stripe Bedding

Their Wilderness Ridge is a great introduction to the HiEnd Accents aesthetic. It mixes earthy tones on a bed of corduroy, chenille and knits and faux leather. It captures the feel of a luxury mountain resort or the owners cabin. It looks great accented with found material pieces, wood, horn and leathers or furs (faux or otherwise).
This is a 6 pc reversible comforter set with a comforter, two pillow shams cushion, knitted pillow and dust ruffle.
Wilderness Ridge Rustic Lodge features an olive green corduroy comforter with cranberry reverse

Cascade Lodge Throw Pillow

HiEnd Accents Cascade Lodge Throw Pillow

HiEnd Accents Fairfield bedding collection

Calming, neutral and built on classic textures, the Fairfield bedding collection can be a great piece to compliment more dramatic decor.
We love the natural tones and quilted linen offset with luxe velvets and a classic chevron. Tasteful and versatile, Fairfield compliments many homes.
You may be tempted to assume this works best in a maritime or beach decor but it works well to offset much bolder design choices. HiEnd offers a lot of accessories and complimentary pieces so you could build an entire design around this bedding set.

Calhoun Rustic Southwestern

This set beautifully captures the vibrant, sunbaked flavors of a classic jorongo. You don’t need to live in the Southwest to enjoy the rich flavors on this bedding.
At its heart are layered horizontal stripping with some beautiful detailing and just enough splash of color to let it weld into the a bedroom sporting a range of colors. The set comes with a decorative pillow, the distinctive comforter, a bedskirt and matching pillow shams.
The Calhoun Collection is one of HiEnd Accents richest lines. It has a lot of great throws and accent pillows designed to compliment the colors and designs of the bedding.

Serape Sunburst Cactus Lumbar Throw Pillow

HiEnd Accents Serape Sunburst Cactus Lumbar Throw Pillow

HiEnd Accents Piedmont Bedding Collection

Plaids and paisley styles leaves form the basis for the Piedmont and that gives it a striking organic and handsome look.
It does not have a vintage feel but instead is very fashion forward. The choice of golds and natural tones give this swirling design a very lively feel.
HiEnd Accents recommends their very lovely sepia gray linen. The picture to the right shows this wit a lot of accessories. It is a four piece set that is just the comforter, two pillow shams and a bed skirt. In this sense it is a pallet you can design upon. So, you will want to complete the look by browsing their accessories and personalizing the room for yourself.

Earthy, rich tones and textures are the main draw of the Wilderness Ridge line.

HiEnd Accents Wilderness Ridge Rustic Lodge Corduroy Stripe Bedding

Ashbury Lodge Black Bear Faux Suede Lumbar Throw Pillow

HiEnd Accents Ashbury Lodge Black Bear Faux Suede Lumbar Throw Pillow

The Fairfield is versatile with layered textures and calming tones

HiEnd Accents fairfield bedding collection
HiEnd Accents fairfield bedding collection includes a coverlet, bedskirt, two pillow shams. The twin includes a single pillow sham.

Southwestern Flavors Offset With Subtle Undertones

HiEnd Accents Calhoun Rustic Southwestern comforter set
The Calhoun is available with a broad range of accessories. COnsider pairing with the Serape Sunburst and Ruidoso Concho Throw Pillows

Ruidoso Oblong Concho Throw Pillow

HiEnd Accents Ruidoso Oblong Concho Throw Pillow

Organic, Swirling Luxury in the Piedmont Bedding

HiEnd Accents piedmont bedding collection
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